Consulting and support services are available for the following technologies.

WebSphere Administration

Extensive knowledge and experience with IBM WebSphere v6, v7 and 8.5.5 and some WebSphere Commerce architecture and implementation of highly available and load balanced solutions.  Knowledge of dynamic cluster configuration. Expertise in scripting Jython for automating various WebSphere administration tasks.

Develop various day-to-day monitoring, administration, configuration and automation scripts using Bash, Jython and JACL.

Implement smooth and repeatable application deployment automation that involves deployment of EAR to WebSphere, AS/400 files and stored procedures, .Net servers, JNLP customization, and Windows file server files on remote locations.


WebSphere MQ 7.5 Implementation. Developed the architecture and build out of the WebSphere MQ 8 and 7.5 infrastructure from the ground up with load balancing and fail over clustering. Migrated various server based and Java GUI clients from WebSphere Service Integration Bus (SIB) to WebSphere MQ.

Develop various day-to-day monitoring, administration, configuration and automation scripts using Bash.


Installation, configuration, maintenance and continuas support of  AIX 7.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise, Redhat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.  Install, support and managed Unix/Linux applications including WebSphere, IBM MQ, Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, DB2, Oracle,  etc.

Develop various day-to-day monitoring, administration and automation shell scripts using Bash, Korn Python and PHP.

Work with developers with troubleshooting Unix, Windows, WebSphere, Application and LDAP issues.

Disaster Recovery. Worked with the team to implement a transparent, easy-to-use and automated solution for Uline Java Order Entry system disaster recovery.


Implement zVM virtualization technology and install, configure, support and maintain zLinux SuSE Linux Enterprise Server or RedHat Enterprise Linux environments.

Implement VMWare or Xen technologies to consolidate various Windows and Linux hardware servers.  Consolidated various Linux systems to Xen and saved hardware and support cost.

Configure and fully manage Amazon/AWS servers from the ground up with RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Windows, cPanel, WebSphere, etc.

Develop state-of-the-art mobile, web based or platform independant graphical applications using Apple Swift, PHP, Java, Qt C++.